Microphone does not work in DotA

Dota 2 for many years holds the title of one of the most popular games of the MOBA genre. Tournaments of various sizes with valuable prizes are being held on it every now and then, and online does not fall below the mark of several tens of thousands of players. And this is not surprising - it is convenient to play DotA, and the gameplay is replete with unique finds. True, it is necessary to speak during the game.

For example, many fans of this project can not live without in-game voice chat. The ability to communicate with voice within the game is not new for all kinds of shooters, but for the MOBA genre it is a unique and useful feature. Cooperating with a team in this way is much easier than chatting. But sometimes the microphone stops working, depriving the benefits. It is better to understand such a problem and solve it faster.

The reasons

There are many different reasons why sound communication in a game may not work. It can be either software failures or problems with the technique or settings of the game itself. Most often, a non-working microphone is displayed as crossed out or crossed out in 2 lines. The most common causes are:

  • The headset or microphone is malfunctioning.
  • Sound drivers are outdated.
  • The recording device has too low sensitivity.
  • The player incorrectly set the in-game settings.

The first thing you should pay attention to when checking the sound is the health of the equipment itself. Connected peripherals, which include audio devices, many call the PC's weakest point. Loose connectors and damaged wires often cause a lack of sound in voice chat. In addition, such problems occur unexpectedly and without warning.

An equally common cause of malfunctions is outdated software. Gamers often forget to update drivers, which affects the performance of devices. At the same time, in some applications the microphone can work as it should, but in others it can not be read at all by the program. Therefore, it is important not to forget about updates, especially when it comes to drivers.

Another common problem is the quality of the equipment. The microphone may just be too quiet, which is why the game cannot correctly read the sound. Different programs have different sensitivity, and some enhance the output sound by default. Therefore, a microphone working in Skype may not work in DotA.

REFERENCE! Problems arise with the settings of the game itself. You may not have a voice chat activation key assigned, or the microphone may not be selected or the threshold for the sound you pick up may be low. As practice shows, gamers rarely check the voice settings in games.

Dot Sound Settings

If you are firmly convinced that all the drivers are updated, and the recorder is exactly working - you can do the settings of Dota 2 itself. First, check the controls, however paradoxical this sounds. Perhaps you simply do not have a voice activation key assigned. Everything can work as it should, but just not turn on without the right command.

Next, check if the desired microphone is selected in the voice settings. To verify this, be sure to do the following:

  1. Go to the Control Panel on your PC through Start.
  2. Select the Sound tab (Hardware and Sound).
  3. Call up the Sound Management window, go to the Recording tab.
  4. Find your microphone, right-click on it and select the "Use as default" option.
  5. Then, in the settings of the game itself, in the device selection line, set the option "Windows device by default."

Such a simple solution surprisingly often helps players. If after that the microphone in the game still refuses to work, you can try changing the lower limit of the volume of the captured sound. It is recommended to set it to the very minimum, so that even the quietest sounds are caught. Such a solution can often save the owners of headsets with a low microphone volume.

What to do if the computer does not see the microphone at all?

Why does the computer not see the microphone? If you are not heard not only in DotA, but in other applications like Skype or Discord, the problem may be in the connected peripherals themselves. Then you need to configure the microphone on the computer itself. If the device is not visible even in the dispatcher, the problem definitely lies outside the system.

First, you can check the hardware inclusion of the microphone. Some headsets and standalone recorders have buttons that turn the power on and off. Maybe you accidentally clicked on this and did not notice.

Next, check the device on another PC. If the problem arises only for you, test the connectors and update the drivers. Otherwise - most likely your equipment has already outlived itself and simply broke. Then it remains only to carry the device in repair or buy a new one.

There are cases when the microphone is working, then not. In one match, you can clearly hear you, and soon the PC loses peripherals from sight. This can happen when a wire is experienced or twisted. Also, these symptoms may indicate mechanical damage to the wires.


Summarizing all of the above, we can derive the following line of behavior in the event of a problem:

  1. Check the functionality of the connected devices. The problem may lie in the banal damage to the equipment.
  2. Update your sound drivers. Games can be demanding on software, so stay tuned for updates.
  3. Change the sensitivity settings in the game and on the PC, setting the maximum sound gain and minimum read threshold. Who knows, maybe Dota thinks your microphone is too quiet.
  4. Make sure that the device you are using is selected in the game settings. If you have several units of recording equipment connected, Dota may incorrectly choose one for use in voice chat.
  5. Try reconnecting the hardware and rebooting the system.

Also, do not forget that no matter how commonplace some of the proposed actions may seem, you should not neglect them. Even the notorious computer restart or reconnecting the microphone can help. There are no too simple solutions.

If no advice has ever helped you, ask about your problem in specialized forums or with friends. Someone might run into a similar unusual problem and find a non-standard solution for it.

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