What are speakers

With the concept of an acoustic system or speaker, many are found everywhere, often without thinking about what they mean and what is their difference from, for example, an audio playback device. Almost every home has speakers that, together with an amplifier and sound source, form a speaker system. Without acoustics, high-quality sound reproduction is impossible.

What are speakers

Speakers, this is one of the fundamental links in the speaker system (AC). Without this device, it is impossible to play sound in the space around us. The speaker has built-in power amplifiers, receives power from a network cable or connects directly to a music pre-amplifier.

REFERENCE! There are speakers broadband and multiband. Their difference is that the former work with one speaker that supports any frequency, and the latter with two or more speakers operating in a certain frequency range.

The case of the acoustic device can be different, each type has advantages and disadvantages. The user's choice is based on personal preferences.

What are the speakers by type of speaker system

Not all acoustic devices are the same, they differ in some ways. There are several column options. All such equipment is divided into several groups, by type of speaker system:

  1. Active speaker. This device contains a unit that processes the audio signal coming from the player to the speaker, and consists of a speaker and an amplifier. Using the control unit on the amplifier, the strength of the sound signal in the speaker is regulated. Active speakers are connected using wires, which can be a nuisance. But the sound will be much better due to the direct connection of the amplifier to the speakers. Active-type audio systems are less susceptible to wear and tear due to minimal heating of parts. Such systems are more suitable for home use or for small audiences.
  2. Passive speaker. Passive speakers have no built-in modules and are ordinary speakers. The problem is that the same speakers can make a different sound, it depends on the amplifier, which is selected separately and must match the power of the speaker, otherwise the acoustics can quickly fail. Such speakers are very popular in professional life. Their main value is that they can be placed at the required distance from the control system, for example, far from the stage. They are adversely affected by high power during operation, due to which the heating of electronic components occurs.

Speakers can be different in appearance, type of location, power, size, design.

Speaker specifications

Characteristics of audio systems are very important for users. Often, the characteristics of devices of domestic and foreign manufacturers do not match. Consider the most significant:

  1. Effective reproduction. This is the frequency range within which the sound pressure level develops. The value of this characteristic greatly affects the naturalness of the sound. The most natural sound occurs if the working range is close to the maximum value perceived by the human ear. The larger the enclosure of the sound system, the more efficiently the low frequencies are reproduced.
  2. Uneven sound pressure. An audio system with direct sound pressure is ideal for transmitting sound. But in fact, the sound of the speaker has broken curves with some dips. It depends on them how high-quality sound will be reproduced.
  3. Directivity. This characteristic allows you to optimally position the speakers in the room. Thanks to this, it is possible to assess the distribution of sound radiation in space.
  4. Sensitivity. This parameter allows you to determine what dynamic range acoustics can provide. A wide range allows you to transmit more complex sound works, for example, jazz, symphony.
  5. Distortion rate. Qualifies changes that distort the accuracy of the playback. This factor is very important, because with an increase in sound strength, the distortion index increases.
  6. Electric power. It characterizes the sound level that is capable of producing speakers in a particular room. Depending on various parameters, there are several types of power, from just maximum to peak. What kind of amplifier power is needed depends on the space in the room, on the other characteristics of the sound system, the needs of the buyer.

Measurement of the characteristics of the speakers, if this does not occur in a special service of manufacturers, the event is complex and expensive, not giving one hundred percent results.

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