Linoleum in the nursery: how to choose

The nursery is a room where the child spends a lot of time. The space must be organized so that the baby is comfortable and safe to play, sleep, do homework. Special attention must be paid to the choice of finishing materials. If it was decided to use linoleum for the floor, you should figure out how to choose it correctly.

Types of linoleum for a children's room

First, it is recommended to find out what types of linoleum exist for children:

  • PVC product. Safe, but made from synthetics. It will last a long time, quite practical. Its advantages are resistance to mechanical damage and noise isolation. But does not tolerate high temperatures;
  • Natural. Natural base, high quality and no burnout over time. Differs in high cost and fragility when laying. The product is environmentally friendly and lasts a long time;
  • Marmoleum. 97% composed of natural materials. It has good heat and sound insulation, tolerates high humidity and temperature, hypoallergenic and safe. Suitable option for children. But it has a high cost;
  • Rubber. Consists of several layers. Resists the negative effects of moisture. The product is very plastic;
  • Gliftal. It features a variety of colors. It has good thermal insulation, lasts a long time and is easy to care for;
  • Colloxylin It has a glossy surface. Resistant to moisture and durable. However, it has low fire safety indicators.

How to choose the right material

In order to correctly choose a coverage, it is recommended to consider the following indicators:

  • Smell. A sharp and unpleasant aroma should alert;
  • Appearance. There should be no greasy shine. The pattern and color are clear and beautiful;
  • Surface. You must carefully consider it. Any flaws and cracks should be absent. Waves and delamination of the film are not allowed;
  • Availability of certificates of conformity. Must be present. This will ensure the quality and safety of the product.

Important! Consider the number of layers when choosing. A minimum of 5 layers is suitable for children.

Expert Advice

How to choose linoleum in a nursery? Flooring must be safe. Give preference to natural materials. Linoleum thickness should be at least 3 mm. This will protect the coating from damage. It is also worth paying attention to products with a special protective coating.

Appearance should correspond to the general style of the room. If the child is quite old, be sure to consider his wishes and preferences. The choice of linoleum for children should be approached thoroughly and all factors taken into account so that the child is comfortable.

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