How many decorate a Christmas tree at home

Today, the New Year does not appear without a forest beauty, decorated with toys and garlands, which symbolizes this holiday. The moment the Christmas tree is installed in the house, a festive atmosphere immediately appears and the New Year's mood is felt in both children and adults. Everyone has a festive mood, and any person, whether an adult, a child or an elderly person, is looking forward to fabulous magic. But in ancient times, people somehow did without a Christmas tree in the house. When is it necessary to install a New Year’s beauty in the house so that before the holiday she can bring joy and magic to both children and their parents.

What number do you need to decorate the Christmas tree at home

Everyone knows that the celebration of the New Year was postponed to January 1 from September. This was done by Peter I. Thanks to the decree of the king, a coniferous plant began to be installed in the houses and decorated with New Year attributes, but not everyone did it. But under the reign of Tsar Nicholas I, this tradition has survived to this day, and is popular in any family. Before the New Year, all families establish a New Year’s beauty at home, and decorate it to their taste.

Different families at different times place a Christmas tree at home. There is no definite number when this needs to be done. But most Russian families do it a week before the holiday. Since the needles begin to fall off with the spruce over time, and it loses its graceful appearance.

Important! It is recommended to put the tree shortly before the holiday, as it usually stands in the house for two weeks, before the old New Year.

Dress up the Christmas tree in early December

People themselves choose which number is more convenient for them to decorate a spruce. They come from their employment, free time. Some, when they want to give a New Year atmosphere to their home, install the tree very early, even in November. Other people place the tree in early December. And there are reasons for this.
If it is customary for your family to celebrate Catalan Christmas, it is recommended that you place a tree in your house at the very beginning of December. Since this holiday precedes the New Year.

Attention! Catholic Christmas is celebrated on December 25, and already by this holiday should be a festive mood, which just brings the Christmas tree, decorated with colorful lights and toys.

But some families do not attach much importance to Catholic Christmas. Since it depends on religion. And many, in their families, install spruce in early December. And there is nothing wrong with that. The New Year's beauty, placed at home in such an early time, will delight you for a long time, recalling that the holiday will soon come. And you, looking at her, will have a New Year mood long before the New Year.

Is it possible to decorate a Christmas tree in November

All people differ from each other in temperament, character, as well as traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. Many decide to install a New Year tree in their homes, long before the New Year holiday itself. For example, a large number of people place a tree in November.

There is a belief that you can’t place a Christmas tree in a house on November 22 - this is a bad omen. But many go against this omen, and install the tree on November 22, or even earlier. Believe it or not, this belief is everyone’s business.

The only thing is, when installing a Christmas tree in houses at such an early date, they will not be able to stand for a long time in a beautiful form. The tree will turn yellow, and the needles will crumble in a month. Of course, this does not apply to artificial spruces, which can stand in the house for a long time and they will not have anything.
Therefore, if you are superstitious, and believe in any signs, then you should not place the New Year tree in November so as not to spoil yourself and your family around the anticipation of the holiday and festive mood.

Reference! Reschedule the installation of the tree to December, then no signs will not spoil your mood, and you will not push yourself to the idea that the sign will concern you.

Signs about the date of Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree at home, it is recommended to install and decorate until December 24. But if you are too busy and alas did not have time to meet this deadline, then it is better to decorate the New Year’s beauty on December 24th. Since there is a sign that, if it is on this day to decorate the New Year tree, then the next year will pass very well for you, and all the mystery will come true and succeed.

But there is nothing to worry about if you didn’t have time to decorate your tree in the New Year’s outfit on December 24th. You can also decorate the tree and the 27th. Next year will be as busy as the previous one. Signs do not mean that if you are late and do not have time to decorate the spruce until December 24, then something will go wrong next year.

But if you are very superstitious and believe any signs, then you should not decorate your New Year’s beauty on November 22. Since this is a bad omen, saying that in the New Year the conceived will not come true and everything will go wrong as you wish and want.

Therefore, if you believe all signs, the best time to decorate the Christmas tree is December 24th. You will be calm that nothing bad will happen next year, and will not wind yourself up with bad thoughts.

When to install in the house and decorate the New Year’s beauty is everyone’s business. If you want the festive mood to appear as soon as possible, then you can decorate the spruce early, in spite of any signs and traditions. A man decides for himself what he needs and what he wants.

On New Year's Eve, everyone in the house should sparkle with a beauty that symbolizes the New Year. And it doesn’t matter when you install it and decorate it with New Year's toys and garlands. It is important that on New Year's Eve, she will stand and delight you with her beauty, giving the atmosphere of celebration and magic. And no superstition should spoil your festive mood.

In Russia, people are so busy that they can place a New Year's beauty on New Year's Day, that is, December 31. And there is nothing wrong with that, the most important thing is that the New Year tree is in your house and enjoys the eyes of others with its beauty.

Therefore, you can not worry that you dressed up and installed the fir tree too soon or too late. It is important that on the night of December 31 to January 1, the Christmas tree will stand in the New Year's outfit and bring happiness and joy to everyone in the house.

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